Paula Laurel Jackson, PhD

I started my career as a concert pianist and have spent the past 15 years working as an educational consultant, coach and social entrepreneuer.

I am passionate about technology, children’s media, the future of learning in various contexts and social entrepreneurship.  As a social entrepreneur,  I have founded a number of social ventures, aimed towards empowering children and women through creativity and cooking.

I created a social bakery in 2009, aimed at empowering unemployed young women. The bakery, offered the ladies an income and orientation courses to assist them in becoming employable.

In 2013, I founded the Ed-tech start-start-up Kiddify; a video platform for kids by kids to share their skills and knowledge with each other.

As a coach, I work with change-makers, edtech companies and corporations with a social mission. I help them to become more effective leaders, by helping them to craft better stories for greater impact. I offer communications and Success Principle Workshops, and training modules on the topics of resilience, compassion, and story telling.

As an author, I write as a foodie blogger and write books for children and young adults; stories that reflect the diversity that exist within the world; stories that make readers think about their connection to the world and to others.